Coaching for Families

 Would you like to help your children with their music studies and don’t know how? 

Are your study sessions becoming a burden? 

 Does your child have stage fright and you don’t know how to help her? 

 Would you like that your child develops study habits?  

 How do you keep the motivation up? (Specially through tough times)

You are not alone!

I want to be next to you offering you coaching sessions, workshops and talks  

I will teach you what you need

 You will learn to:  

 Practice and have fun with your child while learning

 Manage your emotions and help your children to manage theirs

 Communicate effectively

 Enjoy your practice sessions together

 Nurture and strengthen your ties through practicing

You will help your children to: 

Strengthen study habits

Develop intrinsic motivation and a growing mindset

 Compromise and feel responsible for their learning

 Practice consistently and effectively

You will learn practical and clear ideas to empower your relationship through music

Coaching sessions adapted to your needs as a parent or as a family

Designed to help families develop practical tools to improve their children’s music studies

 Language and Communication

Emotions Management

 Values, Responsibilities and Compromises in Music Studies

 Didactic Tools to Practice Playfully

Music Education talks for families:

 The Supporting Family

 Learning processes and emotions

 The Power of Game

 Growth Mentality

 How Can I Help My Children With Performance Anxiety

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