Coaching for Musicians

Do you think your performances and auditions are inconsistent?

Is your mind often distracted and experience problems focusing? 

Do you feel unmotivated and with a low self-esteem?

  Do you have stage fright or anxiety before concerts and auditions?

Do you doubt your preparation before auditions? 

I have felt this way in many occasions.

We musicians need to know how to practice effectively, how to deal with our emotions and how to use our nerves to serve us instead of acting against us.

I will help you empower your existing skills and grow new ones. 

I will guide you to improve your abilities and develop your own set of tools to successfully overcome challenges and achieve your goals.   

You will improve your performance results and your self-esteem will benefit from it. 

You will enjoy playing again and will get to love the preparation process. 

Are you ready for your musical and personal transformation?

How are we going to do it?

We will first evaluate where you are at

We will identify your strengths and will assess what needs to be improved 

We will make an action plan

I will help you to:

 Learn and practice efectively 

 Improve your self-esteem

 Transform your limiting behaviors and beliefs

Overcome your fear and manage your emotions 

Control your mind and focus your attention 

Be reslient and positive

Enjoy your performances

We will do an initial evaluation

We will create a study and an action plan and follow it up until day X

You will learn how to practice faster and more effectively 

You will learn to master mental practice 

You will improve your resilience and self-esteem

You will learn to manage performance anxiety and negative emotions

I will be there for you and with you through the whole process

We will define your goals

We will find your strong skills and strengthen the week ones

We will design an action plan

I will help you take decisions that will get you closer to your goals 

You will learn to manage your emotions

You will be the motor of your own transformation

I will be next to you during the whole process

We will find where you would like to be and brainstorm together to find the way

√ I will help you rediscover your values and dreams

You will find your goals

We will design an action plan

I will help you get out of your comfort zone to reach your objectives

You will be able to transform your limiting behavior and beliefs

I will be besides you through your process of change

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